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  • Zurichpools First Draw

    The Zurichpools held its first draw in 1970, and by 2009 it had already made more than 600 millionaires from Zurich and abroad! The Zurich lottery has a small guess range and eight prize divisions, which afford players exceptional winning odds! Check out the Zurichpools Results to see if you hold one of the thousands of winning tickets in every draw!
  • Zurichpool's Jackpot

    Zurichpools is the Switzerland Lotto that offers exciting jackpots and an additional seven secondary prizes. The exceptionally small guess range makes the winning odds extremely high, making this lottery a fan favourite! Play Zurichpools now for your chance of becoming a lottery winner!
  • Jackpot Prize

    As a consequence, the Zurichpools jackpot has risen to 18.1 million Swiss francs (approximately €17.3 million) for the draw on Wednesday, April 8th. This is the highest Swiss jackpot in 2015 and one of the largest in the rich history of the Zurichpools. Only nine jackpots were ever won exceeding this amount. The Swiss record was set in the summer of 2014 when a player from Bern won 48.6 million francs (approximately €46.5 million). The prior record happened in 2010 when a player won 35.8 million francs, the equivalent of nearly €29.5 million.
  • British Player won Jackpot

    A mysterious player from the United Kingdom has won the jackpot! The identity of the Zurichpools winner is not yet known. What we do know for certain, however, is he has won the 10th biggest lottery prize of the last 20 years in the UK.A representative of UK National Lottery operator Camelot said Tuesday night: "News Flash! We have a British winner! One of you is sitting on £53,193,914! Check your tickets!"
  • EuroMillions Draw Friday 27 March: Jackpot Rolls Over for the Sixth Time

    The winning numbers of the Friday draw were: 2, 30, 32, 39, 44 and the stars 6 and 10. Six players won the 2nd prize of €304,007. Another 12 players matched all five main numbers and got about €50,000. In the British version of the EuroMillions game, 10 more players became overnight millionaires in the Mega Friday Millionaire Maker raffle. Each won £1 million and became the proud owner of a dream car.So it is hardly surprising that most winners for this draw came from the UK, followed by Spain and France.
  • Oregon Teacher Wins $1 Million

    Bill Delmatoff, a special education teacher at a local Portland, Oregon public school, called in sick on Monday; and with good reason: he had just found out he won $1 million! Claiming the winnings from the March 14th drawing, Delmatoff needed a few days to process the news.Remarking on the win, the lucky teacher told of how he usually buys a ticket for the Oregon Megabucks , the other popular lottery in the state. But when he pulled out his wallet, something compelled him to buy a ticket for the upcoming Powerball draw as well. That split decision sure paid off!
  • A Lifetime of Cash For Father and Son

    Claiming the top prize in the February 2nd drawing of the Cash4Life lottery has made not one, but two people millionaires in the state of New York! John Stresing had run into his local convenience store for some last minute Superbowl Sunday snacks and his usual Cash4Life lottery ticket. Checking the numbers the next morning on the local news, Stresing was astounded to hear that he had won the top prize - $1,000 a day for the rest of his life! Texting his son John Jr. the next morning to validate the numbers, the younger John had thought something terrible had happened to his father. “I thought he was having a heart attack or something. He’s like ‘I think I won the lotto,’ and it took me a while to believe him.”
  • Happy Third Birthday, EuroJackpot!

    EuroJackpot has become one of Europe’s biggest lottery names and is entering its fourth year with a jackpot worth €29 million! In addition, you can now play EuroJackpot with a 7-11 number systematic form that increases your odds of winning! Don’t miss your chance to celebrate EuroJackpot’s 3rd anniversary and a jackpot this Friday!
Zurichpools (Best Lottery in Town)

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